See Beyond the Memories of Your Innermost Questions


Have you ever considered how often you memorize your answers to the questions you seek at different phases and places in your life?  When the subject comes up in discussions or conversations, you subconsciously recall the most recent answers quickly from memory.

That very issue surfaced for me in a recent set of conversations. My comfortable reactive responses that surfaced with ease, had created a disconnect from truly living in the present moment.  I could FEEL that my words were out of alignment while they were being set in motion.  

I know that is true for all of us.  We are often unaware of our memorized attachments to past frameworks, and do not always factor in the considerations for new and more immediate variables when used in current conversations.

It is often the third of forth versions of dialog that uncovers the depths of new truths to our innermost questions.  We must see BEYOND the memories to our intriguing questions, in order to gain the value of seeking new meaningful alignment in the present moment.  

The next time you hear a comfortable answer bubble out in conversation, ask yourself... is this auto response still true?  Or can I see beyond the memories and attachments I have assigned to those innermost questions and create greater meaning to my truths?

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"Every positive action counts, and when compounded over time... amazing things WILL happen!"  Melanie Jean Burke


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